ACM/IEEE/AIS SIGSEC/IFIP Cybersecurity Curricular Guideline

The Joint Task Force on Cybersecurity Education (JTF) was launched in September 2015 with the purpose of developing comprehensive curricular guidance in cybersecurity education that will support future program development and associated educational efforts.

The JTF is a collaboration between major international computing societies:

The JTF grew out of the foundational efforts of the Cyber Education Project (CEP).

Download CSEC2017 v.1.0 Errata Sheet


Definition of Cybersecurity

The JTF defines cybersecurity as a “computing-based discipline involving technology, people, information, and processes to enable assured operations.  It involves the creation, operation, analysis, and testing of secure computer systems. It is an interdisciplinary course of study, including aspects of law, policy, human factors, ethics, and risk management in the context of adversaries.”